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Low Processing Charges & Quick Loan Disbursals on Gold Loan

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Gold Loan

Shriram Finance offers up to 75% of the loan amount against your gold. Be rest assured that your asset is safe and handled with utmost care.

Features and Benefits

Maximum Finance  

Loan up to 75% of your gold value

Low Rate of Interest

Our interest rate starts from 11.5% p.a.*

Flexible Tenure

Choose from a range of flexible tenure options starting from 1 to 12 months

Minimal Documentation  

Minimal paperwork, digital process, and hassle-free

Safe & Secure

We ensure that your gold is safe & secure

Quick Disbursal

Reliable and faster loan approvals with minimal documentation

How to Apply?

Our easy-to-apply process will help you get a gold loan quickly in 4 steps

  • Step 01

    Register using your phone number

  • Step 02

    Receive a verification call from us

  • Step 03

    Visit our branch with your gold asset

  • Step 04

    Complete verification and receive loan amount

Eligibility Criteria


18 to 60 years

Who can Apply?

Salaried, self-employed, self-employed professionals, business owners and other individuals.

Interest & Charges

Interest Rate

Interest rates start as low as







Who can apply for Shriram Finance Gold Loan?

  • Salaried, self-employed, self-employed professionals, business owners and other individuals between 18 – 60 years can apply for Shriram Finance Gold Loan.

What are the tenure and interest rates applicable?

  • The interest rate starts from 11.5% p.a.* and you can choose loan tenure starting from 1 month up to 12 months.

Will my gold ornaments stay safe and secure with Shriram Finance?

  • Gold ornaments of customers are stored safely and securely in a safe room built according to the Government regulations. These rooms are also equipped with electronic surveillance to protect the gold.

What if the Gold is stolen from the branch?

  • Shriram Finance insures the gold kept as collateral by you. This means that in case of a theft, the borrower need not worry about the security of the gold.



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