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Extensive Guide for Choosing a Fixed Deposit with the Best Interest Rates

Posted: 27th November, 2021

Updated: 8th February, 2023

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Good financial planning is at the heart of financial independence. A portion of your portfolio must be invested in safe instruments to get you through the tests of life. A fixed deposit is one such investment avenue where your money stays safe, and you earn a decent amount of compounded return. Several banks and financial institutions offer fixed deposit schemes at competitive interest rates. You must choose a fixed deposit scheme that aligns with your investment strategy and money goals. Let's look at an extensive guide to help you choose an FD with the best interest rates on offer.

What is a fixed deposit facility?

A fixed deposit is an investment facility offered by NBFCs, banks and other financial institutions complying with the RBI regulations. A fixed deposit's interest rate is much higher than the interest rate on savings and current accounts. The higher interest rate is necessary because of the lock-in period of an FD account, which is why it is also called a term deposit or a time deposit in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

It is incredibly safe to park your money in an FD account. To reduce your worries further, the DICGC, that is, the Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation, guarantees Rs. 5,00,000 per depositor, per bank, in the event of a mishap.

How to choose a fixed deposit scheme

Before selecting a suitable scheme for you, you have to make a financial plan for yourself.


Financial Planning

Financial planning is the process of handling your finances such that it meets your immediate and long-term needs. You must decide the investment amount in a fixed deposit, the tenure of the deposit, the minimum interest rate desired and whether you want the FD to be cumulative or non-cumulative. Once you are clear about your ambitions, the task of finding a suitable FD scheme will become a lot easier.

Use the guide below to find a fixed deposit scheme that suits your financial plans.

  1. Interest rate offered

    While you research for the appropriate investment option, make sure that you make an interest rate comparison. Shriram Finance provides interest rate of up to 9.05%* p.a. which is inclusive of the additional interest benefit of 0.50%* p.a. for senior citizens and 0.10%* p.a. for women depositors.. With the rising concerns of inflation, money must grow for you. Your regular salary income might not be able to handle all your financial commitments in the future. Hence, salary or business income must be combined with interest income from a fixed deposit.

  2. Tenure of deposit

    Again, your financial plan will guide you towards the tenure that is proper for you. Whether your needs are short-term or long-term, there is a tenure available to suit your requirements. Shriram Finance offers FD with tenures ranging from 12 months to 60 months. Whatever be the plan you select, your interest income is assured, enabling you to earn consistent returns.

  3. Conduct a background check

    When you get in business with another entity, you conduct a thorough background check, also called due diligence, to ensure that the agreement works out smoothly without any risk of default. Similarly, you must conduct a background check of the bank or financial institution providing the fixed deposit facility. Agencies like ICRA and CRISIL rate financial institutions as per their pre-defined criteria. Look for the highest rating when selecting your provider, as this ensures that your funds are safe and that you can enjoy the benefit of high returns with peace.

    Shriram Finance has been given the highest credit rating by rating agencies. Shriram Finance Fixed Deposits are awarded the highest credit rating of [ICRA]AA+ (Stable)” by ICRA and "IND AA+/Stable" by India Ratings and Research. A high credit rating is essential for enjoying safe and consistent returns.

  4. Cumulative fixed deposit

    A cumulative fixed deposit is the typical type of fixed deposit where the amount deposited stays locked in for the agreed-upon tenure. The significant benefit of this type of instrument is that your effective cumulative fixed deposit interest rate increases because of the magic of compounding. Compounding means earning interest on interest, and some institutions like Shriram Finance offer an effective yield of up to 10.71%*p.a.

    If your money needs are not immediate, then a cumulative fixed deposit would be the best investment option for you because you get to earn a higher return during the same period.

  5. Non-Cumulative Fixed Deposit

    A non-cumulative fixed deposit is the opposite of a cumulative fixed deposit. If you want your hard-earned money to be invested safely and want a regular income to meet recurring expenses, such an FD would be the ideal investment choice. The payouts will happen at regular intervals, depending upon the period you select - monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or even yearly.

    The due diligence exercise gets prominence here as you will be dependent on the corporation for your regular financial needs. Choose a corporation that you trust and is reliable, and the non-cumulative fixed deposit interest rate provided is decent.

  6. Benefits for senior citizens

    As a senior citizen, a fixed deposit is the best choice as it provides a blend of high returns and low risks, which becomes even more essential during retirement. NBFCs like Shriram Finance provides 0.50%* p.a. special benefit for senior citizens on their fixed deposit plans. While looking for a trusted FD issuer, along with the high interest-earning capability, also consider factors like online fixed deposit facility, smooth onboarding and impeccable customer support.

  7. Loan against FD facility

    Instead of premature withdrawal, it is advisable to take a loan against your fixed deposit to meet your cash needs. Go with a corporation that offers the highest value against FD security. Shriram Finance provides 75% of the value of the FD as a loan, making it convenient to meet expenses.


Parting thoughts

If you follow a systematic process and consider the pointers mentioned above, your search will become easier. Remember, your decision might have long-term consequences and might affect your financial freedom in the future. Therefore, it would help if you took a well-researched decision.

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