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Fixed Investment Plan Calculator

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I am a Senior Citizen


I am a Woman


Investment amount


Number of Instalments


Min 12 months

Max 48 months


Effective Tenure

Note: (12 Instalment + 12 Months from the last instalment due date)


Investment Summary

Interest Rate %



Interest Earned

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Are there any risks associated with using Fixed Investment Plan calculators?

No, using Fixed Investment Plan Calculators typically does not have any risks. These calculators are designed for informational purposes, providing estimates and insights into potential returns on the investment based on the inputs provided.

How can I use the results from the calculator to plan my investments?

The results from the calculator can be used to make informed investment decisions by understanding potential returns, comparing investment options, and strategizing the best investment plan based on financial goals.

Are Fixed Investment Plan calculators freely available online?

Yes, investors can calculate the returns before making an investment in a Fixed Investment Plan Online with ease.

What are the key inputs required for using a Fixed Investment Plan calculator?

The key inputs required for using a Fixed Investment Plan Calculator are age, gender, investment amount and instalment period. Senior citizens and women depositors can avail special interest benefits while investing in a Fixed Investment Plan.

Can a Fixed Investment Plan calculator predict exact returns?

Yes, a Fixed Investment Plan Calculator can predict the exact returns based on the invested amount, tenure, and the plan's interest rate, providing accurate estimation of the returns.

 What types of investments can be calculated using this tool?

Each investment has a specific calculator that is ideal for the calculation of the returns earned on that particular investment. Using an FIP calculator provides an accurate estimate of the returns on an FIP investment.

 What is the purpose of using a Fixed Investment Plan calculator?

The purpose of using a Fixed Investment Plan Calculator is to estimate potential returns, plan investments, and determine the maturity amount. This helps investors in deciding on the principal amount and instalment period based on the expected returns as per their financial goals.

How does a Fixed Investment Plan calculator work?

The Fixed Investment Plan Calculator estimates your potential returns by considering your chosen investment amount, instalment period and fixed interest rate. It provides an online projection of the returns you may earn from your investment.

 What is a Fixed Investment Plan calculator?

A Fixed Investment Plan Calculator is a financial tool that helps calculate potential returns, maturity sum, and investment growth based on investment amount, instalment period, and interest rate.


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