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Easy & Quick Disbursals on Repair/Top-up Loan

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Repair/Top-Up Loan

Shriram Repair/Top-Up Loan offers immediate funds to cover the unforeseen expenses incurred in your business journey. The Repair/Top-Up Loan can assist in staying ahead of your unplanned business expenses

Features and Benefits

Competitive Interest Rates

Get customised interest rates starting from 12% p.a.*

Flexible repayment options

Flexible and convenient repayment tenure up to 12 months

Minimal Documentation

Minimal paperwork, digital and hassle-free process

Quick Approvals & Disbursals

Reliable and faster loan approvals with minimal documentation

E-mail/SMS alerts

Receive alerts on your registered mobile number and email ID about your EMI so that you never miss out on payments

How to Apply?

Apply for Shriram Repair/Top-Up Loan in 4 simple steps – It’s easy, seamless and quick

  • Step 01

    Register using your mobile number

  • Step 02

    Verify and proceed using OTP

  • Step 03

    Enter personal details

  • Step 04

    Receive a call from our representative


To ensure faster processing and hassle-free loan processing experience - check your Repair/Top-Up Loan eligibility criteria below

Who can apply?

All Vehicle Owners

Nature of Business

All businesses


18 to 60*
(The applicant should not be older than 60 years at the end of the loan tenure)

Business Stability

12 Months of work/business stability

Interest & Charges

We can help your business move forward with finance that works for you. Here are our interests & charges on the Repair/Top-up Loan

Interest Rates Starts from

Starts from




Processing fee Starts from

Maximum up to



Foreclosure Charges





on principal outstanding


How to apply for a Repair/Top-Up Loan online?

  • Applying for a Repair/Top-Up Loan with Shriram is very easy
    Step 1: Register using your mobile number
    Step 2:Verify and proceed using OTP
    Step 3: Enter personal details
    Step 4:Receive a call from our representative

What is a Repair/Top-Up Loan?

  • A Repair/Top-Up Loan provides funds to cover the unexpected expenses that are bound to happen in any business. When there is an immediate need for a repair on your truck or other vehicles, inventory backups, or any other commitments, which will need additional finances, a Repair/Top-Up Loan can help. 

Who can apply for Repair/Top-Up Loan?

  • Existing customers of Shriram Commercial Vehicle Loans can apply for Repair/Top-Up Loan with Shriram Finance