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Challan Discounting

Features and Benefits


Finance for Freight Bill

Get finance for all your freight bills

Wide Range of Vehicle Loans

Competitive Interest rates

Get customised interest rates on your Challan Discounting Loan

Quick Approvals and Disbursals

Flexible Repayments

Choose from a range of flexible tenure up to 12 months

Quick Approvals & Disbursals

Quick Approvals & Disbursals 

Reliable and faster loan approvals with minimal documentation

Minimal Documentation

Minimal Documentation

Minimal paperwork, digital and hassle-free process

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Convenient Tenure

Choose your convenient repayment tenure

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EMI Calculator

Calculate your loan EMI in 3 easy steps. Use Shriram Finance EMI calculator to estimate your EMI and total amount payable

Loan Summary



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How to Apply?

Apply for Shriram Challan Discounting in 4 simple steps – It’s easy, seamless and quick

Applying for Shriram’sBusiness Loan is a 4-step process – It’s easy, seamless and quick
  • Step 01

    Register using your mobile number
  • Step 02

    Verify and proceed using OTP
  • Step 03

    Enter personal details
  • Step 04

    Receive a call from our representative


To ensure faster processing and hassle-free loan processing experience - check your Challan Discounting eligibility criteria below

Who can apply?

Who can apply?

Any registered business entity

Nature of work

Nature of Business

All businesses



18 to 60*
(The applicant should not be older than 60 years at the end of the loan tenure)

Minimum years in Business- 3 years

Work Stability

A minimum 6 months of work/business stability is required

Interest and Charges


How to apply for Challan Discounting?

You can apply for Challan Discounting in four easy steps.

  • Step 1: Register using your mobile number
  • Step 2: Verify and proceed using OTP
  • Step 3: Enter personal details
  • Step 4: Receive a call from our representative

Who can apply for Challan Discounting?

Individuals/Proprietors, Partnership Firms, Private Limited, and Limited Companies can apply for Challan Discounting. 

What is Challan Discounting? 

Challan Discounting is when an enterprise or business owner uses the invoices to obtain cash by selling unpaid invoices due on a future date to financial institutions instead of a commission. Challan Discounting is also known as Bill Financing, Bill Discounting, or Invoice Discounting.

Easy & Quick Disbursals on Challan Discounting