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How to Apply NOC for Two Wheeler

How to Apply NOC for Two Wheeler

How to Apply NOC for Two Wheeler

Purchasing a two-wheeler is a complex process, one that usually involves several formalities and documentation to be completed. You need to get the two-wheeler registered with the local RTO, pay road tax, get a pollution control certificate (PUC), and get bike insurance. Furthermore, when you want to resell the bike or move to another state with your bike (which has a different RTO), you need the formalized approval of multiple parties, and the best way to get that is through a NOC certificate. Normally, a NOC can be generated by any authorized individual or organization and can contain details pertaining to a person, object, or property.

But what exactly is a NOC certificate for bike, and how can you apply for it? Read on to know about it.

What is NOC for Bike?

A NOC or No Objection Certificate is a document issued by an institution or authorized body to indicate that the details mentioned in the certificate are true to their knowledge and they have no objection to them. An individual or institutional owner of a two-wheeler can apply for a NOC from the concerned authority by submitting the required documents and fee.

This formal document is required to either take your bike from one state to another (for a period longer than one year) or sell your bike that was initially bought with third-party financing.

In the first case, when you want to move with your bike to another state, you need to get the NOC from the RTO (Regional Transport Office) of your current state. Once your bike is unregistered from your current RTO and you have the NOC to prove it, you can then register your two-wheeler with the RTO of the state that you are moving to. Similarly, when you want to sell your originally financed bike, you need to get a NOC for bike from your financier. Without this NOC, your bike can’t be unregistered and re-registered in the name of the new buyer.

Also, when you want to change the hypothecation mentioned on your bike’s RC, upon completion of your two-wheeler loan, you need to get a bike NOC from your bank or financier.

How to Apply for Bike NOC from RTO?

The RTO maintains the records of every vehicle sold in its region and the buyer in whose name the vehicle is registered. The road tax paid at the time of purchase and other mandates such as PUC, vehicle insurance, etc., are also updated with the RTO. Therefore, when you need to move to another state with your bike, which means coming under the purview of another RTO, then you need to apply for a NOC certificate for bike from your original RTO.

You can easily begin the application process online by going to the Parivahan website and accessing the Vaahan Citizen services. On the website, you can generate your application (Form 28) by filling in your vehicle registration number and chassis number. Then by paying a fee of Rs. 100, your application will be submitted.

But no RTO provides an online NOC for bike. Therefore, along with a printed copy of your application form and the receipt of the fee paid, you need to visit the local RTO office to get the NOC of bike. You may also need to submit the following documents:

  • A self-attested copy of your RC (Registration Certificate)
  • A copy of the active insurance policy on your two-wheeler
  • Proof of road-tax paid
  • A copy of PUC (Pollution Under Control) Certificate
  • Bike engine’s pencil print with chassis number
  • A photo identification proof (like driver’s license or Aadhaar card)
  • NOC from financier or bank (if the bike was bought on loan)

How to Apply for Bike NOC from Bank/Financier?

The process to apply for a bank/financier NOC for bike is relatively easier. In fact, some of the best financial service providers in the market allow their customers to complete the process digitally. To apply for an online NOC for bike from your financier, simply log on to their retail website and proceed to the service section for two-wheeler loan customers.

To get the bike NOC online from your bank or financier, you will need to submit the following documents:

  • A copy of your RC (Registration Certificate) that is self-attested
  • A copy of the active insurance policy on your bike
  • A photo ID proof like Aadhaar card or PAN card

Some financial service providers may also demand self-attested address proof and passport size photos of the bike owner before issuing the NOC. Also, based on the pre-mentioned policies of the financial service provider, you may have to pay some processing fee to get the NOC generated.

Typically, the NOC can be generated between 4-48 hours upon successful application, depending upon the process followed by the bank or loan provider. Once generated, this NOC certificate for bike can remain effective for 90 days, unlike the RTO NOC for bike, which stays in effect for a period of 6 months.

By submitting this NOC of bike to the RTO, you can get the hypothecation removed from your bike’s RC. This is nothing but the bank or financier being indicated as a buyer on your RC since you bought the bike on loan. As your loan is paid off, you can get it removed and get the RC generated in your own name.

This same NOC also helps you get the RTO NOC, which you may need to move your vehicle to another state.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, applying for a bike NOC is a standard procedure that you will inevitably have to go through if you are buying your bike on loan. Therefore, it’s better to know how to apply for a bike NOC and what could be the applicable charges for it. While several financing providers insist on additional charges to be paid for a two-wheeler NOC, Shriram Finance Limited offers a bike NOC to its customers without any charges.

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