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Interest Rate Charged on a Two Wheeler Loan

Interest Rate Charged on a Two Wheeler Loan

Interest Rate Charged on a Two Wheeler Loan

Understanding the Bike Loan Interest Rate Charged by Shriram Finance

A TW being the perfect vehicle for Indian roads and traffic, is very much in demand across the country. It is also a very affordable vehicle for the average Indian and can easily be financed with loans on very manageable terms. Shriram Finance is one of the top bike loan providers in India, with tailor-made financing options and affordable interest rates. One can easily finance their bike purchase with Shriram’s customizable loan options.

Is a Motorbike Right for You?

If you’re considering a TW purchase, then the following factors can help you decide whether to take the plunge:

If you have a limited parking space, then a bike is the easiest fit.

  • If you live in a place with major traffic jams, a bike will make it easier to navigate.
  • If you have a limited budget or a small family, a bike is perfect.
  • If you need financial assistance to buy your vehicle, then a bike comes at a much more affordable rate.
  • For environmental reasons, a bike is a better purchase due to its higher fuel efficiency. You can also look at electric bikes.
  • Motorcycles are very economical since they cost less to maintain and have good mileage.

Once you have zeroed in on the right motorcycle, the next step is to get the purchase financed, and this is where a good lender comes into the picture.

How to get a Bike through Loan?

When you are applying for a bike loan, you have to choose the loan amount to be borrowed. You can then choose a loan tenure that is the period you will take to repay the loan. You will then be informed of your bank rate after verifying your eligibility. Conversely, you can shorten your tenure by choosing the bank rate accordingly.

The financier generally checks your credit history, financial position, and ability to repay when they design your repayment schedule. At Shriram Finance, the bike itself serves as security, and no additional security is needed.

What is Shriram Finance’s Lending Rate on Bike Loans?

Shriram Finance charges very competitive interest rates on bike loans, starting at 11.5%. The exact rate is based on your loan principal, that is, the amount you want to borrow and the repayment tenure, as well as your ability to pay. So the higher your principal or the lower your eligibility conditions, the higher the interest rate can be.

The components in deciding the interest include the following:

  • Down payment: This is the amount you’d have to pay upfront to the dealer. You may get 100% of the on-road price of your dream bike or a smaller percentage based on eligibility.
  • Processing fees: The processing charges are part of the monthly interest payment (EMI) and vary from state to state.
  • Documentation charges: They also vary from state to state and are a small percentage of the loan amount.
  • Stamp duty: This is levied by the Government on the bike sale.
  • Foreclosing charges: If you decide to pay off your loan quicker than your original tenure, then this charge applies. It begins from 4% and can generally be paid after a few months of regular EMI payments, usually six months.

How Much Interest should be Paid?

The EMI (easy monthly installment) to be paid every month will include the interest plus other charges if applicable. The bike loan rate is set based on your application details.

For an easy example, suppose you want a loan of Rs 1,00,000, and your bank rate has been set as 12% with a tenure of 30 months. Then the total interest to be paid would be Rs 16,244, and your EMI may be about Rs 3,875. But if you want a shorter tenure of 24 months, then your EMI will be Rs 4,707, and the interest amount will be Rs 12,976. The interest in this second shorter tenure is lower.

If you want a smaller loan amount, the interest will also decrease. If your prime rate is 13% for a loan amount of Rs 75,000 with a 24 month tenure, then your total interest will be Rs 10,575.

Therefore, to get an idea of how much EMI you can afford, you can use the simple bike loan interest calculator from Shriram Finance. Based on the estimate, you can then decide what the right loan amount to apply would be.

After your loan approval is processed, you can get to know the exact interest you have to pay and your EMI.

Some people have concerns about the interest calculation process and how the Shriram Finance interest rate on bike loans can vary with their profile and other details. Following are some clarifications:

The bike lending rate also depends on the bike category and price. As mentioned before, the amount desired and the ability for the down payment will be considered.

  • Anyone over the age of 21 with a minimum of work experience of one year can avail of a bike loan whether they are salaried or self-employed. Interest rates are generally lower if the applicant shows a stable income.
  • The income itself determines repayment terms, as higher salaries command lower rates. The minimum salary one needs to show is Rs 12,000 per month.
  • A secured bike loan is at a lower bank rate than an unsecured one.

Some Tips to Get the Lowest Rate Possible

  • Maintain a good credit history. For this, you should keep track of your credit score and avoid applying for too many loans or credit cards.
  • Try to get all your loans from the same lender. Shriram Finance also offers fixed deposits, gold loans, etc. As the lender knows you and your creditworthiness, they are more inclined to approve of you. A good relationship with your lender also helps get you better rates.
  • Have a good debt-to-income ratio. Most of your income should not be going towards paying off your debts.


Shriram Finance Union’s affordable bike loan rates and good customer service have made it one of the most popular financiers. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, Shriram reported disbursement of loans to more than 1 lakh bike owners in October and November 2020.

To get started with the process, just fill up the application form here, and your loan approval will begin.

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