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The Quickest Way to Get Rich with FD Investment: Earn up to 9.05% p.a.

Posted: 24th January, 2023

Updated: 2nd February, 2023

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The post-pandemic world has laid more emphasis on financial well-being – specifically, less capital erosion and low-risk & high-return investment options are increasingly becoming popular. There are limited investment options in this spectrum, and Shriram Finance FD has become one of the popular investment choices.

The driving factors that make Shriram Unnati Fixed Deposit an ideal choice to kick-start your investment journey this year:

1) Shriram Finance offers interest returns on par with the average stock market returns (About 10%). By investing in a non-cumulative Shriram FD, you could earn interest rates up to 9.05%*p.a. Upon opting for cumulative; you could earn much more than the average stock market returns.

2) Shriram Finance offers fixed interest rates which remain unaffected by the fluctuating market rates. Invest your money in a low-risk, a high-return investment could be a win-win situation for you. Investing in Shriram Finance Fixed Deposit is a smart saving method and a safer strategy to grow your finances.

The Latest Hike in Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

Time Period Repo Rates Shriram Interest Rates
2015 6.75% 9.25%
2016 6.25% 8.75%
2017 6.00% 8.25%
2018 6.50% 9.50%
2019 5.15% 9.27%
2020 4.00% 8.83%
2021 NA 8.07%
2022 6.25% 8.90%
2023 NA 9.05%

Fixed Deposit interest rates have witnessed constant and steady growth thanks to the increase in repo rates. By investing in Shriram Unnati Fixed Deposit, investors can earn interest rates as high as 9.05%*p.a., which is one of the best interest rates available now. Shriram Finance has been trusted by over 6.7 million people and offers interest rates comparatively higher than the bank interest rates. Shriram Finance recently announced a special interest benefit of 0.10%*p.a. for women depositors to encourage women to make financial investments of their own. Senior Citizens can avail of an additional benefit of 0.50%*p.a. on their Fixed Deposit investment. Upon renewal of their fixed deposit, one could earn additional interest of up to 0.25%*p.a.

How to Earn Good Returns on Your FD Investment?

The best way to earn good returns on your fixed deposit is to opt for fixed deposit laddering and experiment with your fixed deposit by making deposits at different tenures. The most critical part about investing in a fixed deposit would be to invest in the right option that pays the highest interest rate possible. Check out the different interest rates one can avail by investing in Shriram Finance Fixed Deposit here.


The Ultimate List of Revised Shriram Finance FD Interest Rates

Tenure Rate % (p.a. at monthly rests) Effective yield % p.a. Maturity value for Rs.₹ 5000/-
12 7.3 7.54 5377
18 7.5 7.91 5593
24 7.75 8.345 5835
30 8.0 8.82 6102
36 8.15 9.19 6275
42 8.2 9.46 6655
48 8.25 9.73 6946
60 8.45 10.46 7617

The much-awaited Shriram Finance FD revised interest rates are here. The rates are applicable with effect from the 1st of January 2023.

Need help with calculating returns on your fixed deposit investment? Kindly use our Fixed Deposit Interest Calculatorand instantaneously calculate your returns.

How to Apply for a Shriram Finance Fixed Deposit?

Step 1:Kindly register using your mobile number

Step 2:Submit your PAN information and investment amount.

Step 3:Enter your tenancy, KYC, and bank information, then finish your payment.

Step 4:Receive your fixed deposit receipt and maximise your profits.

What are you waiting for? Kickstart your fixed deposit journey and earn great returns with Shriram Finance Fixed Deposit.

Key Highlights

  • Shriram Finance offers interest rates up to 9.05%* p.a. on fixed deposit investments.
  • The latest hike in interest rates offered by Shriram Finance is effective from the 1st of January, 2023.
  • Senior Citizens can avail of an additional interest benefit of 0.50%*p.a. on their fixed deposit investment.
  • Applying for Shriram Finance Fixed Deposit is easy, hassle-free, and instantaneous.


1) What is the highest FD interest rate that Shriram FD offers now?

Shriram offers an attractive interest rate of up to 9.05%*p.a., which is inclusive of the 0.50%*p.a. senior citizen interest benefit and 0.10%*p.a. women depositor interest benefit.

2) Is the interest rate on Shriram Finance FD fixed or floating?

The interest rates on Shriram Finance are predetermined and fixed at the time of application. They would not affect the market changes, ensuring the depositors get assured returns on maturity.

3) Can I avail a loan against my Shriram Finance FD?

Yes, depositors can avail of a loan against their fixed deposit investment. Read this blog to know more about the loan against FD policy.

4) Should I invest in cumulative or non-cumulative fixed deposit?

It depends upon your financial needs. If you want to have interest income in the form of regular pay-outs, opt for a non-cumulative fixed deposit plan. If your financial goal is to yield higher returns, a cumulative fixed deposit plan is ideal.

Earn Up to 10.91%*p.a. Effective Yield with Shriram Cumulative FD Now
Earn Up to 10.91%*p.a. Effective Yield with Shriram Cumulative FD Now
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