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Shriram CIty The Best Investment Option

Why Shriram Finance Fixed Deposits Should Be Your Preferred Investment Option

Shriram CIty The Best Investment Option


People have realized the importance of investments and savings during the pandemic. Along with layoffs and economic slowdown, the lockdown has forced people to rely on their investments. Indeed, investments and savings have saved the day and helped people navigate the challenges of the pandemic. However, one question stops people from investing: "Why should one invest their money rather than saving?"

Investing is an option in which you can secure your savings and earn interest on it. It is an extra source of income without involving labor. Inflation affects all our lives. For instance, if you have INR 100 today, its value will depreciate in five years, and so will the value of your savings. Therefore, investing your money saves your wealth from depreciating.

It is well-established why one should opt for investment. The present article addresses what makes Shriram Finance the best investment option in India. Shriram Finance offers an array of investment methods with interest rates that are determined based on customer needs. We make the customer feel secure by providing the best-fixed deposit and recurring deposit plans.

Fixed Deposits

A fixed deposit offered by financial institutes is a low-risk financial planning method that helps investors grow their money at a fixed rate. Fixed deposits ensure the safety of one’s money based on tenure, making it a secured investment scheme. They offer among the highest investment returns as they come with a predefined return on investment. A fixed deposit is considered a secured investment scheme. The institution blocks the sum of money for a set period and at a fixed rate of return. On the date of withdrawal, the financial institution pays back the customer the principal plus interest.

What Makes an FD the Best FD?

Fixed Returns

Guaranteed returns remain constant through the tenure of the fixed deposit. Even if the market rates drop, your fixed deposit rates will not be affected, which makes it the secured investment scheme available in the market.

Hassle-free Investment

One can open a fixed deposit account in just a few clicks.

Calculated Risk

One can calculate the amount invested versus the return before actually investing the amount in a fixed deposit. Thus, one can invest based on one's means.

Regular Income

One can opt for monthly or quarterly payouts per individual needs.

Built-in Flexibility

One can break one’s fixed deposits per their needs and get paid for that duration. It is highly beneficial in times of financial emergencies.

Tax Saving

One can enjoy tax-saving benefits under different statutes of the Income Tax Act.

Compounding Interest

If you reinvest your fixed deposit upon maturity, you can benefit from the compound interest. It means that you can now earn on the principal amount and the amount of interest you earned in the first investment tenure.

Amount Invested

The opening amount of your fixed deposit has a direct impact on the interest you get. The more money you invest, the higher the return on investment.

Age Factor

The interest rate for senior citizens in fixed deposits is higher than that in regular fixed deposits. It makes it a perfect investment option for retired and pension-dependent citizens.

Why Pick Shriram Finance Fixed Deposit?

Fixed deposits have been the first choice of Indians for decades, ensuring robust, guaranteed returns of their investments irrespective of what is happening in the market.

In the present times of uncertainty, the Shriram Finance Fixed Deposit is a security blanket for your hard-earned money. The company has a pan-India presence with nearly 950 branches. It has been providing fixed deposit schemes for almost 40 years.

Lower FD interest rates could be a reason for you not to invest in FD, but Shriram Finance Fixed Deposit interest rate is among the highest interest rates on fixed deposits

The Shriram Finance Fixed Deposit promises to take care of your money in the present and provides you with long-term rewards to get your money with outstanding returns. While the world sees a fall in interest rates in such volatile markets, the Shriram Finance Fixed Deposit is a competitive investment option with its fixed deposit interest rate

Best FD with Best FD Interest Rates

One of the highest FD interest rates is offered by Shriram Finance Fixed Deposit. We offer two kinds of deposits.

  • Cumulative: A cumulative deposit is when the interest and principal amount are paid together at maturity. You can start the deposits with a minimum of Rs 5,000 with Shriram Finance FD, which accepts deposits in multiples of Rs 1,000. FD interest rates for the Cumulative Deposit vary from 7.53%*p.a. for 12 months to 8.27% for 60 months.
  • Non-Cumulative Deposit: With this deposit, you earn interest on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly basis. Deposits can also be made in multiples of Rs 1,000, with a minimum amount of Rs 10,000. FD interest rates for Non Cumulative Deposits range from 7.53%*p.a. per annum for 12 months to 8.60%* per annum for 60 months.

FD for Senior Citizens

Senior citizens prefer investments that provide safety, credibility, and assured returns. It is always vital for retired senior citizens to invest in assets that can be liquidated. Their goal is to have access to their funds at any time.

What makes Shriram Finance FD the Secured Investment Scheme for Senior Citizens?

They may want to consider Shriram Finance FD as an ideal avenue for investing in long-term funds. There is an extra benefit of 0.50%* p.a. for Shriram Finance Fixed Deposit. In the case of senior citizens who have accumulated deposits across all tenures, the interest rate.

Shriram Finance FD for senior citizens considers this and offers a choice of Monthly/Quarterly/Half Yearly/Yearly interest payouts.

Highlights of Shriram Finance Fixed Deposit

The Shriram Finance Fixed Deposit offers an investment tenure from 12 months (one year) to 60 months (five years). It comes with the MAA+ rating, an assurance of stability from the Investment Information and Credit Rating Agency of India Limited (ICRA). The rating indicates a high credit quality and gives investors a trusted platform to park their money.

The Shriram Finance Fixed Deposit offers you flexibility and impeccable financial management with a high rate of interest at 9.20%* p.a. (one of the highest FD interest rates compared to other financial institutions), among a host of other benefits.


The crucial role investments play for financial stability cannot be stressed enough, but the question of the best investment option is more critical. Here, choosing a secured investment scheme with a well-known background is the foremost concern. Investing in a scheme or option that has low popularity might be risky. Therefore, an investor should carefully search their options before deciding where to invest.

Shriram Finance has a reputation for looking after its customers in the market, making it the best choice for your investment. Our fixed deposit investment options are framed by prioritizing the comfort of customers. Shriram Finance offers a higher rate of interest on fixed deposits. All the features of the fixed deposit investment scheme and FD interest rates offered by Shriram Finance important before making an investment decision can be found here. Just a simple click on the site will open your doors to a safe investment haven.

Additionally, our customer service team is available at any time during working hours to provide step-to-step guidance. Contact Shriram Finance on the website, and an executive will be there for you.

Shriram Finance answers all the basic questions an investor has before investing in any plan, clearing most of the investor's doubts beforehand.

Shriram completes 50 years of service!

To mark this momentous occasion, we have launched Shriram Jubilee Deposit - a 50-month investment scheme.
Invest now and earn up to 9.20%* p.a. (including 0.50%* p.a. for Senior Citizens and 0.10%* p.a. for Women)

Book a Fixed Deposit & get attractive/ high returns