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Terms and Conditions

Credit Health Report These terms and conditions are Primary Terms incorporated by reference, and deemed a part of the Primary Terms and shall apply in the event you subscribe to and receive the Credit Health Report (“CHR”).

Credit Health Report (‘CHR’) Above subscriptions shall individually be called as “Order” and collectively called as “Orders”

By Proceeding with the journey of Order document you acknowledge and agree that you have read and understood the Terms as a whole forming a legal and binding agreement between us. If you do not accept the Terms please note that you will not be able to submit this Order and we will not be able to provide you with the services under the ‘CHR, Orders unless you agree to accept and be bound by the Terms.

All capitalized terms used in these Additional Terms but not defined herein shall have the same meaning as defined under the Primary Terms.

4.7.1. Scope of Services: The details and scope of the services that will be provided to you under the Orders are available here.

4.7.2. Orders: All orders submitted by you are subject to acceptance by Shriram Finance Limited. Acceptance of your order is subject to (i) receipt of consent to obtain your credit history details from CRIF; and (ii) receipt of payment of all charges due for this Order. Acceptance of your order will be signified by email sent to you at the email address provided in your Order or commencement of the provision of the Services by Shriram Finance Limited, whichever is earlier.

4.7.3. Charges: For availing this service, you agree to pay the necessary charges as mentioned at the time of purchase of the service in the Shriram One App. Payment of the entire charges made by you, in advance, is irrevocable and a condition precedent for the acceptance of your order.

3.3. Shriram Finance Limited may change the mode of payment that is acceptable to it from time to time.

4.7.4. Timelines: The timelines for delivery of service under this Order as mentioned on the website are non-binding estimates based on Shriram Finance Limited’s prior experience. Factors beyond our control may affect the actual date/time of delivery of the services to you. During the course of provision of the service under this Order, Shriram Finance Limited may require you to submit additional documents or details. You agree to provide the same. Your prompt and accurate response to such requests will also affect the timelines for delivery.

4.7.5. Authorization: To provide you with the services under this Order, you understand that Shriram Finance Limited requires your credit report and credit score maintained by CIC(s) in India. You therefore hereby agree to irrevocably authorize Shriram Finance Limited to apply for / request and receive your credit information report and credit rating from CICs in India, as many times during the tenure of the Order or as permitted by applicable law and as may be required based on the type of Order you have chosen. Should such authorization expire by operation of applicable law, you agree to login to the Shriram Finance Limited website and renew such authorization irrevocably for such periods as may be permitted by law. Shriram Finance Limited shall make reasonable efforts to inform you of such expiry to your registered contact numbers. You agree to execute such authorization in such format as may be requested Shriram Finance Limited as many times as may be required to for Shriram Finance Limited to continue to provide services under this Order. You hereby authorize Shriram Finance Limited to use the information obtained from the applicable CIC(s) and any other information that you may provide to Shriram Finance Limited to provide you with Shriram Finance Limited’s services in accordance with the Terms.

You expressly understand and consent to the use and disclosure of the said information for the service availed from Shriram Finance Limited as per applicable law and in accordance with Shriram Finance Limited’s Privacy Policy.

4.7.6. Limitations: The services under this Order shall commence on acceptance of your Order as mentioned above and shall be deemed completed when (i) your credit report and the Credit Health Report (“CHR”) is sent to you by email at the email address provided in your Order or when (ii) Shriram Finance Limited informs you (by email) that the CICs do not have a credit report for you, whichever is earlier. You hereby understand and acknowledge that Shriram Finance Limited may suspend the service, for the reasons beyond its control or due to application of new law or any changes to existing regulation. You hereby understand and agree that in case your authorization should expire by operation of applicable law, Shriram Finance Limited is under no obligation to continue to provide you with services under this order. In such a situation, you agree that Shriram Finance Limited is not obliged to complete the services or refund any amount or provide any compensation in such circumstance.

Credit Health Report - CRIF
Annexure 2
Consumer Consent for accessing Consumer Credit Information Report (CIR)

I hereby appoint Novac Technology Solutions (hereinafter referred as “Company”), having its registered office at Office 275,"Statesman One", Ramakrishna Mutt Road, Mylapore, Chennai - 600 004 as my lawful agent to receive my credit report/credit history (“Credit Information”) from Credit Information Companies (“CICs”).

I further authorize the Company to share with CICs, my personal information/details to procure my Credit Information on a monthly frequency and use the same to provide me with credit report access services (“Purpose”).

I understand and acknowledge that the CIC shall not be liable under law or equity, in any manner whatsoever, for providing my Credit Information to the Company and I will not raise any claim or objections against the CIC.

I confirm that this consent is given by my free will and not due to any solicitation by any person/entity.

This consent/authorization shall be valid for (i) a maximum period of 06 (six) months, from the date of giving the same, (ii) satisfying the Purpose or (iii) until I withdraw my consent at any time, by informing the same to the Company, at their registered office address, website, assigned email id or mobile application, whichever is earlier.

I also consent to the CRIF High Mark Credit Score Terms of Use.


CRIF High Mark -Credit Score Terms of Use

In connection with submission of the application for my credit information (“Consumer Credit Information”) offered by CRIF High Mark Credit Information Services Pvt. Ltd. (“CIC”) through Pillar Data India Pvt Limited (referred to as the “Company”) and delivery of the Consumer Credit Information to the Company, I hereby acknowledge and agree to the following:

A. The Company is my lawfully appointed agent and he / it has agreed to be my agent obtain my Credit Information Report and Credit Score from CRIF High Mark Credit Information Services Pvt. Ltd (CRIF High Mark) for the purpose of credit report access and not for any other purposes. This consent shall be valid for a maximum period of 6 months or till such time the credit information is required to be retained to satisfy the purpose for which it was intended, or I withdraw my consent to store such credit information, whichever is earlier.

B. I hereby expressly grant unconditional consent to, and direct, CIC to deliver and / or transfer my Consumer Credit Information to the Company on my behalf.

C. I shall not hold CIC responsible or liable for any loss, claim, liability, or damage of any kind resulting from, arising out of, or in any way related to: (a) delivery of my Consumer Credit Information to the Company; (b) any use, modification or disclosure by the Company of the contents, in whole or in part, of my Consumer Credit Information, wherever authorized by me; (c) any breach of confidentiality or privacy in relation to delivery of my Consumer Credit Information to the Company;

D. I acknowledge and accept that: (a) CIC has not made any promises or representations to me in order to induce me to provide my Consumer Credit Information or seek any consent or authorization in this regard; and (b) the implementation of the Agreement between CIC and the Company is solely the responsibility of the Company.

E. I agree that I may be required to record my consent / provide instructions electronically or physically as the case may be, and in all such cases I understand that by clicking on the "I Accept" button below or signing this Consent physically, I am providing "written instructions" to the Company Authorizing Company to obtain my Consumer Credit Information from my personal credit profile from CRIF High Mark. I further authorize Company to obtain such information solely to confirm my identity and display my Consumer Credit Information to me. Further in all such cases by checking this box and clicking on the Authorize button or signing this Consent physically, I agree to the terms and conditions, acknowledge receipt of CIC privacy policy and agree to its terms, and confirm my authorization for Company to obtain my Consumer Credit Information.

F. I understand that in order to deliver the product to me, I hereby authorize Company, to obtain my Consumer Credit Information from CIC.

G. By submitting this registration form, I understand that I am providing express written instructions for Company to request and receive a copy of my consumer credit report and score from CIC.

H. I understand that the product is provided on an “as-is”, “as available” basis and CIC expressly disclaims all warranties, including the warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement.

I. I shall not sue or otherwise make or present any demand or claim, and I irrevocably, unconditionally and entirely release, waive and forever discharge CIC, its officers, directors, employees, agents, licensees, affiliates, successors and assigns, jointly and individually (hereinafter “Releasee”), from any and all manner of liabilities, claims, demands, losses, claims, suits, costs and expenses (including court costs and reasonable attorney fees) (“Losses”), whatsoever, in law or equity, whether known or unknown, which I ever had, now have, or in the future may have against the Releasee with respect to the submission of my Consumer Credit Information and / or my decision to provide CIC with the authority to deliver my Consumer Credit Information to the Company. I agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the Releasee from and against any and all losses resulting from claims made against CIC by third parties arising from and in connection with this letter.

J. I agree that the terms of this confirmation letter shall be governed by the laws of India and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located in Mumbai in regard to any dispute arising hereof.