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Business Loan EMI Calculator

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Required loan amount


Interest rate


Min 15%

Max 30%


Loan tenure


Min 12 months

Max 60 months

Loan Summary



Loan Amount

₹ 1,00,000

Interest Payable

₹ 42,740

Monthly EMI

₹ 2,379

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How to calculate business loan EMI with an EMI calculator?

  • Select the required loan amount using the slider.
  • Choose the tenure of the loan.
  • Get the appropriate interest rate for your existing business profile.
  • Your EMI amount is calculated after you click the submit button.

What are the factors that affect business loan calculation?

The following elements determine the calculation of business loan EMI amounts:

  • Loan Amount: This is the most important aspect and the foundation for calculating monthly loan payments. The EMI amount tends to change according to the loan amount
  • Rate of Interest: This is a critical component that is established by your income, credit score, business financial statements, and payback capability.
  • Loan Tenure:The loan tenure has the greatest influence on the EMI amount because it is the period required to repay the total loan amount plus interest. An increase in tenure results in a lower EMI amount.

How is business loan interest calculated?

The EMI calculation formula is as follows:

[P*R*(1+R) (n*12)]

Where P is the principal amount borrowed, R is the annual interest rate, and N is the number of years. You can use our EMI calculator to rapidly determine your EMI amount for a given loan amount, period, and interest rate.

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