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Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Goods Vehicle Finance

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What are the benefits of applying a commercial vehicle loan online?

You can apply for a commercial vehicle loan online, anywhere and anytime without having to travel to any of our branches. It saves a lot of time. Once your application is accepted, our representatives will reach out to you quickly and take it ahead.

Why should I choose Shriram Commercial Goods Vehicle Finance?

Shriram Commercial Goods Vehicle Finance offers you the following advantages:

  • Best commercial vehicle loan for different vehicle options
  • Finance for both new and second-hand commercial vehicles
  • Flexible tenure of up to 60 months
  • Customised financing options for individual requirements
  • Simple documentation and easy processing

What is Commercial Goods Vehicle Finance?

A Commercial Goods Vehicle Finance is a secure loan that you can avail to buy a commercial vehicle required for your business. Shriram offers the most affordable Commercial Goods Vehicle Finance online at an attractive interest rate and flexible tenure options. Shriram Commercial Goods Vehicle Finance is easy to get with easy documentation and approval process makes it an ideal financial support in times of requirement for your transport business.

Are there any specific types of vehicles for which Commercial Goods Vehicle Finance is provided?

At Shriram, we provide commercial finance for almost all types of commercial vehicles such as tempo, bus, cargo van, trucks including small, light truck as well as heavy truck. You can avail loans for both - new and second hand commercial vehicles.

Easy & Quick Disbursals on Commercial Goods Vehicle Finance