Fixed Deposit up to 9.05% p.a.* Interest rates. Invest Now


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Recurring Deposit up to 8.50% p.a.* Interest rates. Invest Now


14-11-2022 14:09:00

Two Entities - One Shared Vision - STFC and SCUF are now merged as Shriram Finance

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How do I calculate the interest on my Recurring Deposit?

  • With our RD interest calculator, you can calculate your returns in no time. All you need to know is:  
    • Investment Amount - The amount you wish to invest
    • Tenure Upto - The timeframe or tenure that you want to invest
    As soon as you pick the above items, the RD calculator displays the interest rates applicable. Get hands-on with our easy-to-use online RD calculator and calculate your returns.

Maximise savings with a Recurring Deposit