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Frequently Asked Questions About Tyre Finance

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How does tyre finance work?

A credit limit is fixed based on your fleet size, requirement, collateral, and business activity. The credit amount can be used for purchasing tyres and relevant parts.

How can I repay the tyre finance?

The loan amount can be repaid through EMIs for a fixed tenure.

What is tyre finance?

Tyre finance is a working capital loan given to transport business-oriented applicants. The loan amount covers tyre replacement and other related charges.

Who can apply for a tyre loan?

Existing customers of Shriram can apply for a tyre loan.

How to apply for our tyre finance?

Share the details of your existing loan for verification, and then fill out the tyre finance application.

How to repay tyre loan EMI?

The tyre finance comes with flexible repayment options. We offer both online and offline modes of payment.

How much is my tyre loan EMI?

To know your EMI amount, use our tyre finance EMI calculator. Enter your required loan amount, tenure and interest rate in the EMI calculator to get the EMI value.

How much tyre finance can I avail?

The tyre loan amount offered is ₹10,000 to ₹5,00,000. The amount given depends on the fulfilment of the eligibility criteria.

Can I pre-close my tyre loan?

Yes. The foreclosure charge is 3%. The loan can be foreclosed before the tenure of the loan


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