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Frequently Asked Questions About Two Wheeler Loan

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How can I apply for a Shriram Two-Wheeler Loan?

Applying for a Shriram Two-Wheeler Loan in four easy steps:
Step 1: Visit our website and register yourself with your mobile number
Step 2: Enter personal details and select your preferred two-wheeler
Step 3: Receive voucher details and walk into the showroom
Step 4: Meet our representative, submit KYC documents & complete the process

What is the repayment tenure of Shriram's Two-wheeler Loan?

Shriram Finance offers flexible repayment tenure ranging from 12 to 36 months.

What is a loan foreclosure?

A loan foreclosure means repaying the outstanding principal amount as a one-time payment instead of regular monthly EMIs.

I am self-employed. Can I get a Two-Wheeler Loan from Shriram Finance?

Yes, you can. A self-employed person must have two years of experience in the same business to be eligible for the Two-Wheeler Loan.

What is the maximum Two-Wheeler Loan amount offered by Shriram Finance?

Shriram Finance offers a wide basket of Two-Wheeler financing solutions to all its customers. However, the available maximum limit for Two-Wheeler Loan varies based on the customer’s eligibility.

Can I change my EMI's due date?

The EMI due date is fixed for every customer.

Can I avail a loan if I have a low credit score?

A good credit score is ideally favourable for loan approval. However, you can avail a Two-Wheeler Loan at any credit score, depending on your loan application assessment and other factors.

How can I know the EMI of my loan?

Use the EMI calculator on our webpage to get an estimate. In addition, the EMI amount will be shared with you along with the loan agreement once the loan is approved.

Can I openclose my Two-Wheeler Loan?

Noooo, you may foreclose your Two-Wheeler Loan after paying 6 EMIs

Are there any foreclosure charges with Shriram Finance?

Yes, the foreclosing charges start from 4%, depending on your chosen scheme.

What are the requirements of collateral or security?

Your vehicle is hypothecated to Shriram Finance and it serves as the security during the tenure of the loan. There is no need to provide any additional security.

Low Processing Charges & Quick Loan Disbursals on Two-Wheeler Loan